Turks and Caicos 2017 Trip Highlights

Turks and Caicos

About the trip

Qualifying HFG agents, management, and staff enjoying a trip to Turks and Caicos with Heartland Financial Group!

Turks and Caicos

Agents enjoyed this small, yet friendly, island that offers many secluded beaches with awe inspiring views of the turquoise waters & surrounding islands.


Agents were able to choose from several excursions including: Shopping, Cays Exploration, Adventure Cruise, Farm & Blue Hill, Golf, Kitty Katt Cruise, & Glowing Waters.


Agents attended a recognition dinner where awards were presented to our top producers. Everyone got a real feel for the culture between the food and entertainment.

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Enjoy a photo gallery of some of the highlights from the 2017 Turks and Caicos trip at Beaches Resort!

Happy Clients


“The trip was awesome. I've been on over 30 of those type of trips and honestly would rate that one in the top 3. It's nice to be able to do all we did, eat all we did and drink all that we drank and come home without spending any money but on a cup of coffee in the airport. We greatly appreciate it. It was also nice being able to mingle with those from the home office. On many trips those most in charge don't have time to mingle with us agents. Just a great trip.

— Russell B.

“A gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who was directly or indirectly involved with the Turks and Caicos convention. I was totally blown away by qualifying for this amazing event. The trip with a 10 for Pat. Being a sports fan, he was so honored to spend time with George Brett. The Golf Tournament was SO fun and the beaches was fantastic. The amenities you provided, the organization of tavel and personal attention to details. You have made this a memorable event to top our list.”

— Billie Jo C.

“The destination was perfect in every way. You can not beat the all inclusive, all the drinks and food you could ever want to eat. The beaches were off the chart beautiful and the water was a perfect temperature. Heartland did a great job hosting the cocktail parties and the food there was was very tasty. The friends that you get to see on these trips and new ones are just icing on the cake sort to say. I always look forward to trips like this. The last evening dinner was just a fantastic place. Whoever suggested that place my hats off to because it was a perfect ending to the evening.”

— Michael B.

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